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Towards Self Sufficiency

Permacultura in Usa

Self sufficiency is not a throwback to an idealized past when people were busy getting food by primitive means. Self sufficiency is the progress toward a new and better life, and signifies acceptance of full responsibility for what makes the bread itself with joy born of the full development of each task, from planting wheat to eat itself .
 The goal of self-sufficiency is to get a higher level of life, fresh, good and organically produced food, an  pleasant life in a pleasant environment, physical health and peace of mind that comes from hard work, and the satisfaction that comes from correct performance.
This planet is not exclusively for our benefit, to destroy all forms of life that have sustainable for us and direct use is immoral and ultimately is likely to contribute to our own destruction.

If we have a farm and want to return self, the first rule to be self sufficient is to understand the favorable cycle:
This means observing all the processes of nature, the soil feeds the plants, the plants feed the animals, the animals estercolean land, manure feeds the soil and the soil feeds the plants. The farmer wanted atentico maintain this cycle, but this has to come to integrate into it, as carnivore eat plants and is exposed to break the chain if not observed at all times the law of return. This ordered to be returned to the ground so all plant residues, animal and human, through the compost heap. Anything that can not be returned to usefully ground or failing to make otherwise, should be burned, which potash to the soil would occur. In the estate self nothing should be wasted.

To cultivate our better plot more and more intensive permaculture way possible to establish some form of what in the last century in Europe was called "superior agriculture." This consisted of a balance between animals and plants carefully planned in order that men and women are mutually nutriesen: plants served as food for the animals, they fertilized the soil, etc. Thus different varieties of animals and plants in the same plot alternated, so each species needed to take themselves and make their contribution to land.
The real advantage permaculture endeavor s plot, not exploit it. will want to improve and preserve fertility. Observing nature learn to cultivate a product or service only a single species of animal in the same plot of land is outside the natural order.

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