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Influence of Temperature Horticulture
Horticultura Influencia de la temperatura

It is one of the factors that indisputably the most influence on the plants, as it determines, in most
cases, the germination of seeds and the favorable growth period of the specimens.

The cold represents the main inhibitor in development of vegetables, which is why frost is dreaded by gardeners because they are able to wipe out an entire plantation in a single day.
The periods of highest risk are located at the end of autumn, during the winter and early spring.
However, some vegetables need to give adequate cold products, such as Brussels sprouts, Broccoli or Leeks.

At the other extreme are the high grueling summer temperatures that damage to certain delicate vegetables. They are must be grown in cooler areas of the garden, even under the shade of a tree or other vegetable larger.
Problems arise because the plant is not able to withstand dehydration and in some cases, premature rise of the flower is very common consequence resulting from leafy vegetables.

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